TOWN OF BINGHAMTON – Vestal High School’s International Baccalaureate classes participated in a community service project at the Discovery Center.

Groups of students were gardening, painting, and preparing the Discovery Center for the summer season.

This is the first year the IB classes have been able to partake in this group service project since 2019.

All of the students who participated, first had to complete an individual community service project.

A Senior at Vestal High School, Lorena Iosub says that what she hasa learned throughout her IB classes and community service projects have more than prepared her for the jump to college.

Lorena Iosub says, “Along with the difficulty, it’s a lot more of a tight knit community for these IB classes. You can meet a bunch of people, a bunch of the staff who work on this program, it really prepares you for the skill-set that you’ll need for college, the knowledge that you’ll need and it makes you a more confident person in what you learn.”

A smaller group of students sorted and packaged non-perishable food donations at the CHOW Warehouse.

Students cannot receive their International Baccalaureate degrees without partaking in community service throughout high school.