BINGHAMTON, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) A Vestal woman with one hand who excels at soccer is heading overseas to represent our country in a major disabled sports tournament.

Alexia Michitti is a member of two soccer teams that will compete in Poland as a part of the Amp Futbol Cup. The American Amputee Soccer Association is sending a national team and a women’s team to compete next month. The soccer teams consist of individuals with an amputated limb or other limb difference.

Michitti grew up as a star soccer fielder using her legs to win games. But on the disabled team, she plays goalie while all of the fielders are missing a leg and using crutches.

Michitti got a college scholarship to play soccer after graduating from Vestal in 2021, but soon found her love of the game waning. She says playing on the amputee team reignited her love for the sport which she’s been playing her entire life.

“I know when I was little, there wasn’t that many people that looked like me to look up to and one of my biggest goals was to be someone that these young kids with or without a disability or a limb difference, that they could look up to,” said Michitti.

Michitti is going to SUNY Oneonta this fall and often gives presentations at schools about the importance of representation and hard work.

People who wish to donate to U.S, Amputee Soccer can do so by going to