VESTAL, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A SUNY Broome student had a homecoming of sorts today as she debuted her new motivational program about setting goals and overcoming obstacles.

Alexia Michitti visited Vestal Hills where she went to elementary school to introduce her new program called “Embrace.”

Michitti was born without a right hand. She played basketball in high school and excels at soccer.

Michitti showed off some of her freestyle tricks with the soccer ball as she delivered a message of achieving goals through hard work and determination.

She says she’s learned to embrace challenges and obstacles along the way.

“You also learn that you’re going to have friends and family around you that are there to support you, just like the family I’ve made at Vestal Hills over the years. You really grow a lot and how to push past your limits and learn to defy any limitations put upon you.”

Michitti has been practicing with the U-S Amputee Soccer Team as a goalie.

She first encountered character education when she produced motivational videos as part of her Girl Scout Gold project.

By the way, the “13” that replaces the “B” in Embrace stands for Michitti’s soccer jersey number.