Students at Vestal High School took part in a glass-shattering chemistry, art and physics lesson Wednesday.

The Keystone College Mobile Glass Furnace made a stop at the school Wednesday and held a number of demonstrations.

It was funded by a $2,000 grant from the Vestal School Foundation.

Students learned about the art of glass-making along with ways to stretch, shape and shatter it.

They also got a lesson on fiber optic technology.

Art Teacher Melissa Restuccia says this lesson is a different way to show off the STEM field.

“When you think about STEM, you often think about computers and sitting behind them.  We’ve moved to an age where we’re learning a lot through Youtube videos and textbooks.  But, to actually go out in a Renaissance tradition, where you’re working with a master craftsman, and then you’re apprenticing, they’re seeing how that works in real life,” said Restuccia.

The Keystone furnace actually arrived yesterday, so the artists could prepare it for Wednesday’s lesson.

It was constructed by the college students with some help from glass experts, and was built out of a food truck trailer.