VESTAL, NY – Members of the Vestal Elks lodge held a chili cook-off to raise and donate money to a local community care shelter.

The officers at the Vestal Elks Lodge, presented Mercy House with a check that is being put towards improving care for the terminally ill.

The cook-off was a competition for the best tasting chili. The contest included twelve individual cooks, three judges, and roughly ninety people in attendance.

Although Vestal Elks did not set a financial goal for the fundraiser, one officer says it exceeded all expectations.

Linda Cerra, the Executive Director at the Mercy House says, “We’re grateful to the community for all of their support, especially organizations like the Elk’s Lodge; that come together, think of these great ideas, and are able to support our mission, which is caring for the terminally ill. Without this, without these types of events, we wouldn’t have been able to care for over seven-hundred and sixty residents over the past six years.”

The Mercy House is holding its first annual Mother’s Day Tea fundraiser on May 1st, and its seventh annual golf tournament will be June 4th at En-Joie Golf Course.

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