Vaccine rollout plan for New York


ALBANY, NY – Beginning today local health departments will start receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

And, county leaders from across the state of New York are outlining the challenges they see with the rollout.

NewsChannel 34’s Corina Cappabianca has more on what they say should be done to get the doses dispensed as quickly as possible.

((Steve Neuhaus, Orange County Executive))
There’s vaccinations still sitting on the shelves. We need to get them out, and we’re not trying to criticize anybody, we’re just trying to get cooperation to let us do what we’ve been tasked with doing on the ground level in our counties.

Today Governor Cuomo said that 3,762 sites have been identified for vaccine distribution.

But, currently only 636 sites have been activated so far.

((Andrew Cuomo, Governor))
They are distributing vaccines to the healthcare workers along with the hospitals. So healthcare workers can either go to the hospitals… or they can go to 600 sites that are across the state.

He says as of today 900,000 vaccines have been distributed for 2.1 million healthcare workers.

Yesterday he said that hospitals that do not distribute their doses by the end of the week could get fined.

Meanwhile local officials say more communication and partnership with localities is key to building out the infrastructure to get things done quicker.

((Marc Molinaro, Dutchess County Executive))
there are enhancements that need to be made otherwise we will have missed this opportunity of great hope, and we will be regretting that we didn’t engage more aggressively as early as possible.

((Chris Moss, Chemung County Executive))
If we don’t have better data sharing and coordination with not only the hospitals administering the vaccine, but with the state, it’s just not going to work. We received our first 400 doses today we had scheduled to have those out the door and done by Friday but now we have to go back to the scheduler because we know that one of our local hospitals has already vaccinated some of these folks.

An aide to the Governor said today that the state is working on a public dashboard for vaccine data.

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