Vaccine distribution preparations underway


WASHINGTON, DC – Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar says the department is preparing to quickly deliver vaccines to states as early as December 11th.

That’s 24 hours after the F-D-A is scheduled to discuss Pfizer’s request for an Emergency Use Authorization.

NewsChannel 34’s Anna Wiernicki shows us how they plan to distribute vaccines, and when you could receive it.

Alex Azar: Hope and help are on the way.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar says COVID-19 vaccines for 20 million people will be distributed by the end of the year.

Azar: If all goes well we could we could start distributing a vaccine soon after December 10.

Azar said on Tuesday that once the FDA approves Pfizer’s emergency use request the department is ready to ship 6.4 million within 24 hours.

Azar: Then we hope administration can begin as soon as the product arrives.

Azar says they’ve been conducting “test shipments” to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Gustave Perna: Local hospitals, doctors offices, local pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens.

4 star general Gustave Perna says the vaccines will be distributed in priority waves.

The initial push will focus on the most vulnerable Americans, followed by senior citizens and healthcare workers in January.

Perna: If there is more available after the initial push then it will go out in the following weekly cadences of distrobution accordingly.

Azar says that means the general public likely won’t be able to get their hands on a vaccine until next spring, so Americans should still be cautious.

Azar: Especially now as we approach Thanksgiving, take care of yourselves, be careful because there is such a bright day ahead.

The health department says they are working with Jurisdictions to make sure they are prepared to properly store and administer the vaccine as soon as they receive it.

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