UV light service coming to Greater Binghamton


BINGHAMTON, NY – A new company that is aiming on keeping homes and businesses clean during the pandemic is coming to Greater Binghamton.

Superior U-V-C is a company with offices all over the country that does ultra violet cleaning, which wipes out dangerous pathogens.

Trained professionals enter a home or a business and prepare the lights to clean the most air possible in a facility, and then clears the room before activating them.

Partner Stephen Donnelly says the lights can accomplish the important goal of protecting a family.

“Typically, they’re set up for maximum spread. When a UV light comes on, it’s going to spread just like any other light that’s out there. You want to make sure that light is hitting as much area as possible. We have timers that we know, based on the science and technology of UV light, how long those lights need to run in order to kill any of those pathogens that are out there,” says Donnelly.

Superior U-V-C prices its jobs by the square foot, so a home that is approximately 2 thousand square feet would pay about 240 dollars for the work.

The service will be available 24/7

You can visit SuperiorUVC.com to get a quote today.

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