WASHINGTON DC – Today marks 1 year since an angry mob stormed the U.S. Capitol.

On the anniversary of the riot, President Biden blamed former President Trump for inciting the violence.

But republican lawmakers fired back, accusing Biden for politicizing the January 6th attack.

NewsChannel 34’s Anna Wiernicki reports.

A moment of silence on the Senate and House floor on Thursday morning marked one year since the US Capitol was attacked while lawmakers inside were certifying the 2020 Presidential Election.

“I was one of the last members evacuated from the Capitol,” says Texas Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher.

Fletcher says members of Congress hid in offices and behind doors.

“I was just a few doors down in my office all day a year ago with the offices locked,” says US Congressman Ro Khanna.

“A mob breaking windows, kicking in doors, American flags on poles being used as weapons as spears,” says Biden.

Standing in the Capitol Halls, President Biden praised the bravery of Capitol Police Officers who protected the building and people inside.

President Biden also blamed former President Trump for inciting the violence and waiting too long to stop it.

“His bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our constitution. He cant accept the fact he lost,” says Biden.

Republicans accused President Biden of politicizing the January 6th attack.

“This has been weaponized and used to attack political enemies, namely president trump and people who objected,” says Texas Republican Jodey Arrington.

Arrington says instead the focus should be on preventing another attack.

“the training and the tools necessary to prevent this from happening in the future have been overlooked at best,” says Arrington.