JOHNSON CITY, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) 25 campers in the Broome County Urban League’s summer program have been working on artwork that will be projected for thousands to see.

Each year at the LUMA Projection Arts Festival, community members can submit their own art or photos to be projected onto a building. The project has been renamed the Peg Johnston Living Lights Project in honor of the late, community activist.

Campers at the Urban League were given an outline of the building’s facade and could color it wherever and however they want.

“We have kids that have said they want to be artists now, we have kids that said they want to work for LUMA. They want to be a part of it, and they hope they can contribute again next year and the following year. So, again, they’re super excited to see the whole event. Especially the impact it will have on them. To see their artwork on a building for the community to see. That means an awful lot to these kids,” said Lesko.

Their pieces of art will be projected onto the Atomic Tom’s building on State Street for everyone to see.

You can get an outline of Atomic Tom’s on canvas or on paper at the Garland Gallery on Washington Street or download a digital version at

The deadline to submit your work is August 22.