BINGHAMTON, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) The Broome County Highway Division is making the public aware of upcoming roadway work.

The following road work has been scheduled for the week beginning September 11:

  • Storm damage & tree clean up on various County roads
  • Culvert replacement on Stateline Road & Stratmill Road
  • Paving on Nanticoke Road (from Route 26 to Ames Crossing)
  • Blacktop patching on Hardie Road, North Sanford Road, Owen Hill Road, Pagebrook Road, & Stratmill Road
  • Surface treatments on Brady Hill Road Edson Road & Saddlemire Road
  • Cleaning ditches & rebuilding shoulders on East Main Road, Pierce Creek Road, Stateline Road, Stratmill Road, & Tunnel Road
  • Mowing right of way on various County roads

Broome County is set to complete a record amount of road work in 2023, repairing more than 83 miles across the county.

Drivers are reminded to be cautious in work zones, even if they are not as active as some routes.