Village of Johnson City To Enforce Social Distancing In Village Parks

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From the Village of Johnson City:

JOHNSON CITY, N.Y. — The Village is encouraging and will enforce social distancing at its parks in response to COVID-19, including temporarily removing the rims from basketball hoops, swings from swing sets, caution tape around playground equipment and posting new signage to prevent gatherings.

“We ask residents if they do use our parks, to do so safely, responsibly and with social distancing in mind,” As the weather gets warmer it is expected more people will head outdoors and to the parks, which is why taking proactive measures will ensure our parks remain safe and do not contribute in any way to the spread of COVID-19.” All Village park playgrounds, basketball courts, athletic courts, and sporting fields are CLOSED.

The parks remain accessible (except for Floral Ave Park) for individual/sole activities and residents are asked to follow New York State Parks guidelines when visiting our parks:  Stay local and keep visits short.

 Visits should be solitary, or only with small groups, such as close family members.

 Be ready to move quickly through places where people tend to congregate.

 Avoid activities where you may come in close contact with other people.

 Stay home if you do not feel well.

 Stay home if you are over 70 and/or from a vulnerable population.

 If you arrive at a park and crowds are forming, choose a different park or return another time/day to visit. Remember our parks do not officially open until Memorial Day Weekend.

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