Upstate New York Legal Team gives straight answers relating to COVID-19

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From The Stanley Law Offices:

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Leaving “no stone unturned,” Stanley Law Offices, a personal injury firm with offices across Upstate NY, will host a timely online Live Q&A focused on working through thorny legal issues during a state of lockdown. This includes discussion about workers’ compensation, social security disability income, unemployment insurance, mortgage, rent, and credit card payments and legal obligations, and what to anticipate once the judiciary and administrative agencies are no longer in a state of suspended animation. 

After we come out on the other side of the darkness of COVID-19, life will never truly return to normal. The isolation of social distancing and adapting our lives online, the shuttering of schools and businesses, widespread layoffs and the sorrow of losing so many souls to the novel virus has left an enduring mark on our psyche. 

Yet with the impacts of the public health crisis seemingly reaching a plateau and a heart-to-heart conversation underway between our officials about reopening the economy, we have to begin to think about restarting our judiciary and adjudicating a backlog of claims for many people who are casualties of a system that has been largely stalled due to the pandemic.

“We have seen a lot of ingenuity from the courts and certain other agencies like the Workers’ Compensation Board in their use of technology in staying open on a limited scale,” said Joe Stanley, Partner of the Stanley Law Offices. The virtual courts, however, have heard only essential and emergency matters on their dockets, leaving many litigants anxious to obtain much-needed relief in pending matters that have been postponed under the court’s abbreviated schedule. “Although the courts have been on pause, the suffering of many injured people have not. To the contrary, times have gotten worse for these folks,” Joe Stanley points out.

In a barnburner online session streamed on Facebook Live, Tuesday, April 21st at 3:00 PM EDT, this dedicated panel of attorneys will speak to the worries of many who have pent up and unresolved legal matters, as well as others who have recently suffered a financial impact from the coronavirus outbreak. 

Founding attorney Joe Stanley will open the conversation with an overview of the laws relating to personal injury and accidents and make some premonitions on how the courts will transition back to business once the lockdown has been lifted. He will be joined by his colleague Stephanie Viscelli, who will talk about the challenges facing property owners and tenants alike who have experienced a COVID-19 related hardship and temporarily cannot meet their mortgage or rent payment obligations as a result of a shortfall in income. Stephanie will also address the credit card company debate and what consumers’ rights are.

A staunch advocate for workers and particularly those with disabilities, Megan Fallon will speak about the unique concerns facing individuals with worker’s compensation issues including Social Security Disability recipients and claimants. With a tsunami of new unemployment claims expected to be filed among those out of work because of the upheaval wrought by the coronavirus outbreak, Attorney Anna Robbins will provide guidance in navigating a complicated regulatory regime. 

Moderated by Angela Moonan, the public is invited to become a part of this important conversation by submitting their questions during this Facebook LIVE session.

People wanting answers can go directly to the Stanley Law Offices Facebook page LINK:

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