Town of Union Justice Gregory Thomas Announces Election Campaign

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From the office of Town of Union Justice Gregory Thomas:

JOHNSON CITY, NY — The Hon. Gregory P. Thomas has formally announced that he is running for re-election for the position of Town of Union Justice, a position he has held since he was appointed in 2017.

“I have been honored to serve The Town of Union for the past five years and I am excited at the opportunity to tackle important issues in the Town and in the Court” said Thomas. “I care very deeply about our community and want to make it stronger and safer for our residents and the visitors that choose to spend time in the Union.” Thomas also said “I am committed to the Criminal Justice System. My promise is to “administer justice fairly and equally, according to the law in order to keep our community safe”.

The rise in petty and major crimes, the increase in the use of illegal drugs, and increased Code violations in our community have a huge impact on the quality of life in the Town of Union. Thomas also added “The number one word I use is accountability, accountability for your actions.”

Thomas has over 30 years in law enforcement experience and is committed to the people of the Town of Union. He pushed for the new countywide overnight arraignment system, which frees up our local police to get back on the streets more quickly and helps improve public safety so we can all sleep more securely at night. Thomas has also obtained and managed over $90,000 in state Grant monies for equipment and to improve the court systems, with no taxpayer money spent.

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