Ti-Ahwaga community players presents “Bright Star,” a musical written and composed by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell

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From: the TiAhwaga Theater Company:

Owego, N.Y. – The Broadway musical, Bright Star, opens the 61st season of TiAhwaga Community Players on October 4, 2019 at the Ti-Ahwaga Performing Arts Center in Owego, N.Y.

Written by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, Bright Star was nominated for five Tony Awards in 2016.

It is a recent Broadway show that will be staged for the first time in this area, and the Players are thrilled.

Martin and Brickell based the score on their 2013 Emmy-winning collaboration Love Has Come For You.

The Americana “roots” influences, deeply based in Appalachia, shines through the range of tender ballads, traditional old-timey banjo frailing, the emerging bluegrass movement, and even jazzy swing numbers.

The story is based on Martin’s adaptation of a true story, that of the Iron Mountain Baby. Set in 1945, it follows Alice Murphy, the publisher of The Asheville Southern Journal who has carried a secret in her heart for over 20 years.

The play flashes back to her formative years in the 1920s where we meet her at 16 as a talented, restless, and defiant firebrand.

She connects with the love of her life, Jimmy Ray, but Jimmy Ray’s father has bigger plans for him and he foils the romance with an evil determination.

The play is set as the country emerges after WWII, and that mood is defined in Billy, coming home from the war, with an energetic sense that anything is possible (Bright Star).

He is a clever, developing writer. Encouraged by his childhood friend, Margo, Billy makes his way to the big city of Asheville and does everything he can to meet Ms. Murphy and get published in The Asheville Southern Journal.

The ensemble is staged and choreographed in movement, dancing, and pervasive choral arrangements that support the narrative: the telling of Alice’s story.

Love, betrayal, greed, redemption, trains…it’s all here! Best known as a comedian and musician, Bright Star reveals Steve Martin can do more than tell jokes and play the banjo.

With Edie Brickell collaborating on music and lyrics, they beautifully tell a powerful and relatable story.

As Alice puts it when she opens the production, “Even though I stumble, even though I fall, you’ll never see me crumble, you’ll never see me crawl.”

Ti-Ahwaga Community Players’ rendition is deep in talent with music, dance, and drama that resonates locally as it will be performed in an area on the very edge of Appalachia itself.

Directed by veteran James Osborne, this is sure to be an evening of magic.

Bright Star will be performed every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for three weeks starting October 4, 2019 at the Ti-Ahwaga Performing Arts Center, 42 Delphine Street, Owego.

For more information or to purchase tickets online, go to www.tiahwaga.com or call 607-687-2130.

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