Tenney: U.S. must act in holding China accountable

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From the office of Claudia Tenney, Republican candidate for NY-22:

New Hartford, NY – Claudia Tenney, Republican candidate for NY-22, today called on federal officials to move quickly on holding the Chinese Communist Party responsible for the Coronavirus outbreak that has led to thousands of deaths and is devastating our country’s economy. 

“We must hold China accountable for this spread of this deadly virus.  The evidence is clear that China is culpable for the outbreak and the cover-up.” Tenney said. “This is a national security issue. I support Bills introduced by Sens. Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn which encourage America’s manufacturer’s including drug makers to bring home the production of our prescription drugs.” 

Reports in the last 24 hours also suggest China is continuing its long-running efforts of theft from American companies – this time through hackers trying to steal information related to the United States’ efforts to find a vaccine for the Coronavirus. 

“China has stolen hundreds of billions in intellectual property from America and its efforts continue, which is why we need to quickly institute tariffs, freeze Chinese assets and allow families to sue the Chinese government for damages inflicted by the virus,” Tenney said. 

Tenney’s work on China dates back to 2016 when she first highlighted the theft of American secrets and intellectual property by the Chinese Communist Party. Tenney recently called for reshoring of American pharmaceuticals and rare earth minerals. 

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