Tell Governor Cuomo To Open Upstate Upstate New Yorkers Want To and Can Come Back says Phillips

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From the office of George Phillips, Candidate for US Congress:

For years in Upstate New York, you could clearly say: ‘Taxes are high, people and families are leaving, and Albany corruption is a huge problem.’

The coronavirus shutdown has hit our already beleaguered economy extremely hard.  Those who have stayed in Upstate New York have weathered many storms and been strong. 

We have been under lock down for over two months and taken tremendous precautions to save and protect the elderly and vulnerable.  We mourn the lives lost and believe we can take precautions to prevent further loss of life but get Upstate New York going again. 

If you compare data in other states and regions where coronavirus cases have been low, they are much further along in re-opening than we are here in Upstate New York. 

I continually hear how frustrated people in our community are with the delays and they have asked,

“What can we do?”

My response is to call Governor Cuomo’s office at 1-518-474-8390 and let him know your thoughts.
When I was Regional Director of Reclaim New York, the Governor proposed a rule how wages and tips would be measured that would devastate the restaurant industry and servers. I personally visited 200 restaurants and encouraged owners and staff to call the Governor’s office.  People from around the state flooded his office with calls and the proposed rule was stopped.

When I was a Congressional aide I was the point person on a campaign to free Cuban political prisoners who were being tortured in Castro’s gulags. I remember thinking, ‘Can our voices make a difference?’

At the press conference we held, the Congressman I worked for said, ‘I know its difficult, but we have to try.’

Years later for me, this has been the story of Upstate New York.  I know its difficult be we have to try. 

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