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DELHI, NY –  On Wednesday July 28th, Peter Kehoe, Executive Director of the NYS Sheriff’s Association, presented Sheriff Craig DuMond with a Certificate of Accreditation for the Sheriff’s Corrections Division at a meeting of the Delaware County Board of Supervisors in Delhi, NY.

Accreditation of the Corrections (Jail) Division of the Sheriff’s Office marks and finalizes full and complete accreditation throughout all Divisions of the Sheriff’s Office; Law Enforcement, Civil Enforcement and Corrections Divisions accordingly. 

Speaking on behalf of the event, Mr. Kehoe remarked, “I want to recognize this important achievement,” Kehoe said.

“The staff spend long hours behind bars with the incarcerated. Some are guilty and some are innocent, and they all deserve respect by the officers. Accreditation is not just asking to be accredited. They are accessed on 166 individual components and are judged by a board of assessors.  Delaware County is lucky to have Sheriff DuMond as their Sheriff as anything he commits to he accomplishes…and Sheriff DuMond is committed to nothing but excellence”. 

Kehoe also reported the corrections facility met or exceeded all 166 components for accreditation.

Sheriff DuMond thanked and presented a certification of appreciation from NYSSA to Sergeant Heath Goff, the facility’s accreditation manager, for spearheading the accreditation program and for his professional and diligent work. 

DuMond also thanked the corrections facility’s administrative team and all corrections officers for “embracing the value of accreditation, incorporating it into their daily lives, and committing to the national and state professional standards that the accreditation program stands for”. 

Further praise went onto the Chairman Tina Mole’, Public Safety Chairman Bud Gladstone, and all of the Delaware County Supervisors for their support. 

“We literally couldn’t do this without you.  The investment of Accreditation also comes with specialized training, equipment, professional development.  Your understanding and support of the importance of this investment is deeply respected and appreciated.  Thank you very much …I can assure you every member of my team will continue to work hard to earn your continued support”, Sheriff DuMond remarked.

Sheriff DuMond also went on to say the following, “Many of you might not know but it was the Sheriffs of NY and the NYS Sheriffs Association that created the NYS accreditation program decades before the State of New York recognized the importance of accreditation and took over the program. Long before it was fashionable, it was the Sheriffs of NY who understood how important the principles of professionalism, accountability and transparency were crucial in maintaining the public’s trust. When you commit to the accreditation model, a law enforcement leader does not only have a choice to embrace these principles but progressively maintain into the future. As policies, trends, legislation and community demands change, so must the accredited agency to maintain the honor of their accreditation status. You see accreditation is not just checking off boxes, or a one-and-done program. It something an agency has to live, breathe and be accountable to each and every day. Like the saying goes, the only thing that stays the same is everything changes. Accreditation forces this process and keeps your current, year after year through independent reaccreditation cycles. This is a huge undertaking and an honor bestowed on only about 1/3 of the police agencies in NYS, your Sheriff’s Office being the only local agency in Delaware County”.

“When I began my first year as Sheriff 3 ½ years ago, I tasked the members of my Office to pull off an incredible feat.  Although the law enforcement division had been accredited for several years, I wanted a fully accredited Sheriff’s Office.  That would mean 2 more divisions; Civil Law Enforcement and the Corrections Divisions accordingly.  This was a huge undertaking simply due to the rigorous requirements involved; such as evidence-based policy and procedure development (155 policies and 166 standards for the Jail alone), a robust training regimen for all staff and the strictest of accountability and transparency measures.  Well, as you know, the fine members of the Sheriff’s Office didn’t disappoint.  As of today, your Sheriff’s Office is completely accredited throughout every division.  I wish I could come up with the words to express how truly appreciative I am of this accomplishment”. 

Sheriff DuMond concluded by saying, “As your Sheriff, I am humbled and honored to have the privilege of being elected by the people of Delaware County…I can assure you that I take this privilege very seriously.  We will continue to give you a Sheriff’s Office everyone can be proud.  I pledge to continue to lead our Sheriff’s Office with the utmost integrity, honor, professionalism and transparency the public deserves”.

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