From the Faces of Poverty:

Congressman Antonio Delgado joins public forum in Oneonta to discuss the crisis of poverty in Otsego and Delaware counties

Oneonta, NY – Government, organizational and community leaders will gather with citizens to participate in a public forum, “Living with Dignity and the Crisis of Poverty in Otsego and Delaware Counties” on Saturday, October 5th, from 2-5PM at the Foothills Performing Arts Center in Oneonta, NY.

Congressman Antonio Delgado (NY-19), Dan Maskin (Opportunities for Otsego), Karen Joest (SUNY Oneonta), Joyce St. George (Democratic Rural Conference), JoAnne Bragonier (Catholic Charities Housing), the Rev. Cynthia Walton-Leavitt (First United Presbyterian Church), Timothy Peters (Otsego Rural Housing Assistance), and Wayne Mellor (Agricultural Development Consultant), are among the panelists who will share their knowledge and insights on the pillars of poverty.

Jeri Wachter, Executive Producer of  the “Faces of Rural Poverty” documentary, will moderate.

The forum will address current issues in education, health care, housing, wages, and transportation.

Official estimates of poverty are startling across the United States with 41 million people living below the poverty line.

Our communities in Otsego and Delaware counties are a microcosm of what’s happening in our country and around the world.

One in six people are living under economic stress in both counties.

One in three people in the city of Oneonta. Nearly 45% of families in Oneonta are headed by single mothers and 59% of children in Delaware county do not have access to essential needs.

Excerpts from the documentary telling stories from the community will be shown, and audience participation is invited for a discussion about the extraordinary challenges of living under the crisis of poverty and the impact of inequity on our families, friends, and neighbors.

Bring your voices and join in the effort to fight against complex and growing, social and economic inequalities in our community.

This is a free event. To register go to

For information contact Jeri Wachter at or call 607.226-4181.