Phillips Blasts Supreme Court Ruling Against Second Amendment Rights

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From the office of George Phillips candidate for Congress (NY 22):

Binghamton, NY – George Phillips candidate for Congress (NY 22) blasted the United States Supreme Court’s “moot” ruling on New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. City of New York.
At stake was a New York City rule that prevents law abiding citizens who own guns to transfer them from their homes to shooting ranges.  The New York State legislature has passed similarly onerous legislation. 

The majority of the court declared the gun owners challenge “moot” – a ruling that should be issued only when the court cannot provide relief to the parties involved. 
Phillips stated, “The fact that the United States Supreme Court failed to fully consider this case and decide in favor of clear Constitutional Second Amendment rights is simply appalling. 

The Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens in New York State have been trampled on since the SAFE Act.  It is sad that they could not find justice in the Supreme Court.
I agreed with the dissent of Justice Alito who said considering whether or not New York City’s rule is a violation of 2nd Amendment rights is “not a close call.”

This rule is absolutely a clear violation of fundamental Second Amendment Constitutional rights.  
In the United States Congress I will fight to ensure that the clear Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for self-defense of law-abiding citizens is not infringed upon.”

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