From the Office of the Broom County Executive – Jason T. Garnar, Executive:


Executive Garnar Signs Order to Protect Public Employees

(BINGHAMTON, NY) Broome County Executive Jason Garnar announced today that he has signed an Executive Order barring the release of personal contact information for public county employees. This is County Executive Garnar’s second Executive Order since he took office in 2017.

The order was signed in response to the recent Supreme Court decision Janus v. AFSCME that public-sector unions cannot force employees to pay dues or fees unless they affirmatively sign up to be part of the labor organization.

Under this order in Broome County, no Broome County official or employer can disclose the home addresses, personal telephone numbers or email addresses of a public employee unless required by law, subpoena or court order.

Garnar has notified the presidents of the unions for the county including CSEA, AFSCME, Corrections Officers Association, Amalgamated Transit Union, BAPA and Law Enforcement Officers Association and at SUNY Broome: ESPA, Administrative Guild and Faculty Association.

Local union leaders sent the following statements:

Matthew Padbury, AFSCME Local 1912 President said: “This Executive Order will protect our members’ privacy and help prevent political attacks on County employees. Our union members provide vital services for County taxpayers, and they deserve to be free of harassment at home and on the job. On behalf of the members of AFSCME Local 1912, I thank Executive Garnar for taking this proactive measure and for working with us to protect our members.”

Peter Schiraldi, President – Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1145 said, “ATU Local 1145 supports Broome County Executive Jason Garnar’s executive order barring the release of personal contact information for public county employees this order will protect the privacy of all employees and their rights to remain a member of union. On behalf of all our members and Broome County employees thank you County Executive Garnar.”

Mary A. Gilbert, SUNY BCC ESPA President said, “We appreciate the support that we are receiving from the County Executive and applaud his support during this time when forces attempt to undermine the strength of the American worker. The members of SUNY BCC Educational Support Professional Association, NYSUT Local 39-067 will continue to provide students and their families with the highest quality of education and professional service that they have come to expect from our membership. We stand in solidarity with County Executive Garnar.”