Moving Forward, Together: A Legislative Column from the Desk of Assemblyman Cliff Crouch

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From the office of Assemblyman Cliff Crouch:

Speaking with the people of the 122nd District in the weeks following the general election cycle has shown me a few things. First, that it’s been an incredible privilege to serve the people of this district for as long as I have. But more than anything, what I have been hearing, and I concur, is that the animosity, the division, the aggression of society has not only exacerbated but become unbearably bleak for many people. Now, as a politician, I’m no stranger to tense times, but the level of vitriol and anger being felt by the general public shows that a change of heart needs to happen, and it needs to happen fast.

            I think many will agree that the current political and social climate is detestable. Not because people are involved, talking, participating actively; as a matter of fact, these are all the sure signs that our democracy is healthier than ever. But there is a clear need to come back together after the strife that has driven a rift throughout not only our towns, our cities, or our state, but in our country as well. An uptick in violence, a continued fight against a pandemic, a shaky economy and the fight against injustice have caused each of us in our own ways to adapt and change with the times, and find ways to make life easier on us in any way we can.

            One of the strongest characteristics of Americans is our perseverance, as a united front, against any and all obstacles. This year in particular has thrown quite a wedge in the way we conduct things, and it has caused a great deal of discomfort and pain for many. It’s why I believe, as private citizens, the best way forward is to begin to mend those wounds, heal, and return to a state of unity where we can all enjoy the blessings of life. It will not be without hard work; the process of healing requires a considerable amount of humility, reflection, and understanding from all involved. And these may come easier to some than others. But, for the emotional health and wellbeing of our communities, and in the interest of leaving behind a legacy of kindness, respect and dignity for those who come after us, if we all put in the work, I’m confident we can create the change we want to see in the world.

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