Kopernik’s FNL: Apollo 13 – A Successful Failure

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October 30, 8PM Phil CooperSpace Enthusiast & Amateur Astronomer
You may know the story of Apollo 13 from the popular Ron Howard / Tom Hanks movie, but there is a great deal more of the story that needs to be told. Learn why; the flight was lucky, how the initial explosion was only the beginning of their troubles, how humans overcame their broken machine, and brought the crew home safe.
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Halloween Spooky Livestream
October 31, 7:00 PM Jeremy Cartie, Livescream Astronomer
See the RARE Halloween Blue Moon LIVE– A Spooky Themed Observing Stream @ Kopernik.In an incredibly rare event, witness the second full Moon this month on Halloween! Blue moons are already a rare phenomenon and full moons specifically on Halloween are even less common. In fact, the next full Moon on Halloween won’t be until 2039! So join us virtually on October 31st starting at 7PM for live views of Moon and more! Our livescream astronomer will dress the part and offer some spooky science commentary throughout the show! Don’t miss this fun Halloween.

November 13, 8:00 PM Phil CooperSpace Enthusiast, Amateur Astronomer
Phil will wrap up the Apollo missions in his Full Circle presentation. Come fly aboard the final 4 Apollo missions and learn about: Getting down to the real “J” science mission The first scientist on the moon The longest golf shot The mission that almost failed and…. the parting words of the last human on the moon…. at least for now.

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