From the Kopernik Observatory & Science Center:

This Friday, Feb 12, a member of the Kopernik Astronomical Society, Robert Byrnes will take you on a tour of the Winter Skies. It will be presented on Kopernik’s YouTube Channel. See the panel below for more details.

Kopernik livestreams have become very popular as they are both entertaining and educational. We have over 2000 subscribers to our YouTube channel and they are from literally around the world. Through the chat, you can ask questions directly to the presenter. Check out the “On the Horizon” panel below to see what we have coming up in February.

Kopernik welcomes Broome Pediatrics as a sponsor of our Livestream programs.

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Until we can greet you back at Kopernik, we hope to see you on our YouTube channel.

Look Up…. Dream Big … and for now, keep wearing a mask.

Upcoming LivestreamsSubscribe to Kopernik’s YouTube Channel

Mars 2020 Rover Landing on MarsFebruary 18, 2:30 PM
Kopernik will livestream a NASA feed as they monitor the landing of the Perseverance Rover onto the surface of Mars. We will answer your questions through the YouTube chat window.

Winter Star PartyFebruary 19, 6:30 PM
Kopernik’s Winter Star Party has been an opportunity to celebrate the night sky as well as Kopernik’s birthday (he was born on Feb.19, 1473). We are finalizing our program for that evening so save the date for an engaging evening of Astronomy.

6:30 – Welcome and a tour of Kopernik Observatory and a brief background on the father of modern Astronomy: Mikolaj Kopernik (aka Nicholas Copernicus)

7:00: The Mysterious SETI Signal from Proxima Centauri – Robert NaeyeOn April 29, 2019, the Parkes Observatory in Australia picked up a narrowband radio signal from the direction of Proxima Centauri, the Sun’s nearest stellar neighbor. The signal has many of the characteristics astronomers expect from an extraterrestrial civilization. The signal is probably human radio interference.But what if it’s the real deal? Should humanity respond? What should we say, and who should decide? Who speaks for Earth? Are we in danger?
Join freelance science writer and former Sky & Telescope editor in chief Robert Naeye for a discussion of this enigmatic signal and the possible ramifications of having a more advanced civilization less than 5 light-years from Earth.

8:00 Birthday Celebration for Mikolaj Kopernik

8:05 Eyes on Distant Asteroids: Studying Space Rocks with Ground-Based Telescopes” Dr. Linda FrenchThe objects orbiting at Jupiter’s distance from the Sun, known as “Trojan” asteroids for historical reasons, have long been an enigma to astronomers. Dedicated surveys using telescopes in Chile, Arizona, and California show they are different in many ways from the asteroids found closer to the Sun. These objects may hold secrets about the formation of the Solar System. 
Linda French earned her doctorate in astronomy at Cornell University, where she got started in education as a teaching assistant for Carl Sagan. She is now Professor Emerita at Illinois Wesleyan University. Just prior to retirement, she was an Astronomy Program Director at the National Science Foundation. She was part of the first class of Legacy Fellows of the American Astronomical Society, and Asteroid (3506) French is named for her.

9:00 Live Observing – CLEAR ONLY – Stay with us and join Kopernik’s Livestream Astronomer, Jeremy Cartie as he connects his camera to one of Kopernik’s telescopes and takes you on a tour of the night sky.