Green Party Gains Ballot Status in MA, Maintains in NY, elsewhere
20 candidates win election, 285 candidates won


BALLOT STATUS: The Green Party gained ballot status in Massachusetts and maintained ballot status in Connecticut, the District of Columbia (DC), Michigan, and New York. In DC, Massachusetts and Michigan, multiple candidates got the required votes for ballot status, and Howie Hawkins broke a New York record by winning the ballot line for a third party in three consecutive gubernatorial elections. The Green Party lost ballot lines in Arizona, Maryland and Ohio based on the number of votes in the gubernatorial races;The total number of states where the Green Party currently has ballot lines is 19 plus DC. Candidates can run in other states by petitioning to get on the ballot.

GROUNDBREAKING CONGRESSIONAL RACES IN CALIFORNIA: Millennial candidates Kenneth Mejia and Dr. Rodolfo Cortes Barragan got 25.8% and 22.1%, respectively, in two-way Congressional races against incumbent Democrats in California, despite being heavily overspent by their opponents and receiving little media coverage. Mejia’s and Cortes Barragan’s percentages were the second and third highest in history for a U.S. Green running for a U.S. House seat. Their high-energy, all-volunteer campaigns showed how much the Green Party resonates with young voters.

Two hundred and eighty-five candidates ran on the Green Party line in 2018 and twenty were elected. [Election database]


Connecticut (needed 1% for any office for minor party status for that office)

Peter Goselin got 1.1% for Attorney General

District of Columbia (needed 7,500 votes for any district-wide race for ballot status)

Eleanor Ory got 31,348 votes for U.S. Senate

David Schwartzman got 24,897 votes for City Council, At Large

Lino Stracuzzi got 8,287 votes for Delegate to the U.S. Congress

Ann Wilcox got 19,979 votes for Mayor

Massachusetts (needed 3% in statewide race for ballot status)

Jamie Guerin got 3.6% for Treasurer

Juan Sanchez got 3.8% for Secretary of the Commonwealth

Michigan (needed statewide candidate to get 1% of the vote for the winning candidate for Secretary of State for ballot status)

Kevin Graves got 72,070 votes for Regent of the University of Michigan (candidate with highest number of votes above the threshold maintains the party’s ballot status)

Jennifer Kurland got 28,857 votes for Governor

Marcia Squier got 40,215 votes for U.S. Senate

Sherry Wells got 61,519 votes for State Board of Education

New York (needed 50,000 for governor for ballot status)

Howie Hawkins and Jia Lee got 95,716 votes for Governor/Lt. Governor