Encompass Health Home LLC and Catholic Charities of Broome County is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Circare and  Health Homes of Upstate New York MSO (HHUNY MSO).

Encompass Adult Health Home will become inactive and Catholic Charities of Broome County’s Care Management for Adults will be joining Circare as a Care Management Agency (CMA) in the HHUNY system.

CCBC CMA will be continuing to develop specialization with high need populations such as persons with serious mental illness while promoting wellness programs such as InShape, which pairs individuals with a personal fitness trainer/Care Manager.

Scott Ebner, Executive Director of Circare observed, “Circare is excited to work with Catholic Charities of Broome County as a care management agency. Encompass is well respected as an adult health home by the state and by their health home colleagues and we hope to benefit from their skill and experience and preserve their excellent work as a health home. Incorporating their knowledge and commitment to values will improve the Circare health home and the services of all our care management agencies.”

Encompass Family Health Home will remain a Lead Health Home Serving Children (HHSC) and will contract managed service operations from HHUNY MSO. Encompass HHSC will join the HHUNY Network which consists of four Adult Lead Health Homes (BestSelf, Chautauqua County Mental Hygiene Services, Circare, and Huther Doyle).

Encompass Family Health Home will continue to work with its Care Management Agency network of approximately 25 agencies in 44 counties and maintain a key role with training and assisting CMAs to achieve maximum success with positive outcomes for high need children and their families.

Alison Bottone, Executive Director NYCCP/HHUNY MSO shares “HHUNY MSO is excited about the opportunity to expand the HHUNY network by including the important work of serving children and their families. We look forward to enhancing our network by adding the high quality services that Encompass already delivers.”

Through this partnership, HHUNY MSO and Encompass will bring the best of both worlds and experiences to enhance services for Health Home members.

“We are looking forward to working with our colleagues at HHUNY MSO and Circare to strengthen our existing network and to work on innovations that will support positive health outcomes for our members,” said Lori Accardi, Executive Director of Encompass and Catholic Charities of Broome County. 

Encompass Health Home is a collaboration of Catholic Charities and their partners across upstate NY.