From the office of Representative Antonio Delgado:

Today, U.S. Representative Antonio Delgado (NY-19) released the following statement in response to the President deploying the military domestically and the use of tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protestors last night:

“Our ability to continue to pursue the promise of America that we are all equal under the law and that we should all be protected equally by the law, inextricably depends on upholding and protecting the right to dissent – the right to assemble peacefully and call into account the marginalization and oppression of our fellow citizens.  These actions are fundamental to our democracy.”

“When the President of the United States – who is charged with faithfully executing our laws  – deploys the military domestically, and uses tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters, he is not just attacking these individuals.  He is also attacking our very democracy, and our commitment as a nation to ensure that no one person should ever rise above the law and rule with tyrannical authority.  I condemn this breach of duty to our country with every fiber in my American bones.”