From the Cortland County Comeback campaign:

Cortland, NY—The coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses of all sizes all across the country, but small, local businesses are feeling the economic effects of the quarantine more dramatically. In an effort to rally the greater Cortland County area to support each other as well as local businesses, Cortland County is partnering with the Cortland County Business Development Corporation, the Cortland County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, The Cortland County Chamber of Commerce, the City of Cortland, the Village of Homer and the Town of Cortlandville to launch a campaign entitled “Cortland County Comeback.”

The Cortland County Comeback campaign will also serve as a centralized hub for information about reopening phase progression, including safety protocols enacted by local businesses and any changes to business operations. All local businesses are required to adhere with social distancing and sanitizing guidelines, and the Cortland County Comeback campaign will serve as a source for any and all updates or changes regarding guidelines and protocols.

The following initiatives will kick off the campaign, and new information and initiatives will be announced as it progresses:

·CORTLAND COUNTY COMEBACK ART CONTEST: Kids of all ages are encouraged to participate in Cortland County’s first art contest! Coloring sheets designed in the shape of the county will be distributed to local businesses across Cortland County, and families are encouraged to stop in to their favorite small business to pick up a coloring sheet. The theme of the contest is “My County Landmarks,” and young artists are invited to fill out the county outline with the places in their hometown that mean the most to them. One winner will be chosen from each municipality in the county, and their art will be turned into a decal sticker to be displayed in restaurants and shop windows. Local businesses who wish to participate in the contest should reach out to to receive coloring sheets and more information about the contest.

·CORTLAND COUNTY BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: As part of the goal of connecting the community and encouraging residents to begin shopping local again, the Cortland County Comeback campaign will be highlighting local business owners, their products or services and their stories about why they do business in Cortland County. To be considered for a Business Spotlight story, which will be promoted through all Cortland County social media pages, please email