Care Compass Network Holds Workshop to Discuss Healthcare Provider Burnout

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From Care Compass Network:

Care Compass Network Holds Workshop to Discuss Healthcare Provider Burnout

BINGHAMTON, New York – June 14, 2014 Burnout is nearly twice as prevalent among healthcare providers as other U.S. workers, affecting at least at least half of physicians. Every day, on average, a U.S. physician commits suicide, a rate almost twice that of the general population.  Provider burnout and depression adversely affects healthcare workers, patients, families, and the community at large.

“Due to the extraordinary significance and impact of this problem, we at CCN felt it was vitally important to sponsor an appropriate educational event,” shares Wayne Teris, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Care Compass Network. CCN therefore will be hosting the area’s first burnout workshop, bringing in Mayo trained family doctor and nationally recognized speaker, Dr. Dike Drummond, CEO and founder of He will share proven methods and help area healthcare providers feel less stressed and / or avoid future burnout.

On Thursday, June 21st over 120 providers from across CCN’s 9-county region will participate in a workshop that will show them how to prevent burnout through a series of proven techniques and step-by-step methods to build a more ideal practice and a more balanced life, even if they are not suffering from burnout at the moment.

To increase awareness on the reality of healthcare provider burnout and how it affects our area, we would like to extend an invitation to any politicians or media personnel that would like to attend. If you are interested please email

About the speaker: Dr. Dike Drummond is a Mayo trained family doctor, nationally recognized executive coach, motivational speaker and consultant on burnout prevention for physicians in all specialties. He is CEO of where he has over 13,000 physician subscribers in 63 different counties. He has delivered the Burnout Proof Live Workshop to over 10,000 practicing physicians across America.

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