From the office of Congressman Anthony Brindisi:

Congressman Anthony Brindisi is being recognized as the highest ranking elected official in Congress for his efforts to promote bipartisanship and common ground in divided government according to a nationally recognized group: the Common Ground Committee.

According to the Common Ground Committee, the Common Ground Scorecard measures the degree to which U.S. elected officials embody the spirit and practice of a Common Grounder — someone who seeks points of agreement and solutions on policy issues through listening and productive conversation. The scorecard does not assess issue positions or ideology. Click HERE to see Brindisi’s scorecard and HERE for a comparison of the New York delegation.

“Working together, finding common ground, and getting things done comes naturally to people from Upstate,” Brindisi said. “I am working hard every day to bring that common-sense and good work ethic with me to Washington. Whether it is during COVID-19 relief negotiations, working together to pass historic trade agreements, or sending six of my bills to the President’s desk, things only get done when we work together. I am honored to receive this recognition from the Common Ground Committee and am committed to fulfilling our shared values of bipartisanship, compromise, and civility.”

“We can never hope to solve the numerous issues facing our nation if we don’t put aside partisanship,” said Erik Olsen, co-founder of Common Ground Committee. “Congressman Brindisi’s score shows that, despite all that divides us, there are still champions for common ground solutions in Washington. We hope that other lawmakers will follow his lead.”

Brindisi, often recognized for his bipartisanship and leadership, was one of five members of Congress to receive prestigious leadership awards from the US Chamber of Commerce earlier this year.