Brindisi Bucks Party, Calls for Bipartisan COVID Bill

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FRom the office of Congressman Anthony Brindisi:

Congressman One Of  18 Democrats To Vote NO on Partisan COVID Bill 

Brindisi: We Need A Bipartisan COVID Bill That Can Get Signed By President Trump

Last night, Congressman Anthony Brindisi opposed a partisan COVID relief bill and was one of only 18 Democratic members to do so. This morning, Brindisi issued the following statement calling for a bipartisan relief deal:

“You sent me to Washington  to deliver on a bipartisan agenda. This latest relief package might make some in my party feel good but it won’t actually do good, in part because it totally lacked Republican input. As someone who knows what it takes to get President Trump to sign legislation, my vote urges both sides to stop the dithering and to focus on real relief for people and small businesses. That’s the plan I presented with other colleagues across the aisle. And with gridlock in the Senate, thanks to the same Washington playbook and Mitch McConnell—who is no friend to our area–Congress is broken. Simply put, we need to unite not divide. That’s what I’ll keep fighting for, and I’m confident most people agree”

Brindisi, a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, joined local elected officials last month to call on Washington to pass a bipartisan bill to help small businesses, working families, educators, essential workers, and state and local governments.

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