Binghamton Debate to Host Annual Tournament This Weekend

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From Binghamton University:

Binghamton University will be hosting their annual debate tournament this weekend. It starts Friday at 3pm and runs through Sunday at 9pm. Unlike previous years, this year the tournament will be entirely virtual. It will also feature an innovative schedule that prioritizes socialization and bonding for novice debaters, many of whom are freshmen who joined debate as a way to connect amid the pandemic. In addition to the traveling quilt that will be mailed to the winner, there is a $1,500 prize fund that winning programs can donate to local nonprofits, and quilted facemasks for speaker awards. 

Binghamton students will be competing in individual study rooms, or out of bedrooms. I will be at home administering the tournament from a series of computers with help from West Virginia University and West Point’s coaching staff. I would be happy to do an interview and put you in touch with people to talk with who are competing and coaching if you were interested. If we remained compliant with social distancing rules, I’d be happy for you to grab some footage and photos of where I’m running the tournament or of Binghamton debater’s competing and preparing.

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