Angelino votes against assembly Downstate Dem Craft Budget bill calling for $14.6 billion in taxes

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From the office of Assemblyman Joseph Angelino:

“I was astounded by the budget proposal from the Assembly Majority, which was clearly crafted in bulk by downstate liberal Democrats.

“To put this in perspective, their proposal is for a budget totaling $208 billion for the 19 million people in New York state. You should know, the 2020-21 budget for the 39 million people of California is $196 billion, for 20 million more people.

“In no way does our state need to do this, nor can the remaining people in our state afford it.

“Even though the state is receiving roughly $24 billion from the federal government, somehow the Democratic Majority wants to raise taxes.

“This all signals the governor’s weakness and any credible authority to negotiate from a position of power. All of the governor’s scandals and alleged wrongdoings is going to cost the taxpayers of our state greatly.”

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