Albany’s Natural Gas Drilling Ban: Crushing Blow to Upstate New York

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From the office of George Phillips, candidate for Congress in NY’s 22nd District:

Binghamton, NY:  George Phillips, candidate for Congress in New York’s 22nd Congressional District issued the following statement:

“Governor Cuomo and Albany Democrats caved to Sanders, Warren and the radical left by banning the current technique for natural gas drilling that has brought tremendous prosperity to the rest of the nation.Governor Cuomo should have reviewed the New York State report from five years ago and found that the report’s health concerns have been completely unfounded throughout the nation where natural gas drilling has taken place safely.  Even an extensive Obama Administration’s EPA study failed to find any health problems associated with hydraulic fracturing.  These so-called health concerns are myths of the radical left.  After New Yorkers conquer the coronavirus pandemic we will need jobs and economic development more than than ever.  Safe and responsible natural gas drilling can be done here in New York and would be an incredible economic lift for millions of people. This is yet another crushing blow to the people of Upstate New York. I will continue to support landowners and explore legal avenues for them to gain their property and mineral rights that have been unjustly taken away from New York State and Albany politicians obsessed with pushing a hyper-partisan, liberal agenda.”

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