After Brindisi And Katko Push, IRS Relents And Agrees To Contact Locals With Inactive Stimulus Debit Cards And Issue Them A New Card If They Threw Them Away

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From the office of Congressmen Anthony Brindisi:

Following Representatives Joint Efforts To Hold The IRS Accountable & Fight For Upstate New Yorkers, Citizens Who Received Economic Impact Payment On Pre-Paid Debit Card But Have Not Activated Will Receive Follow-Up Correspondence

Brindisi Led A Call To Action To Ensure Upstate New Yorkers Receive The Benefits They Are Owed

Congressmen Anthony Brindisi (D, NY-22) and John Katko (R, NY-24) announced the IRS will provide additional guidance to taxpayers who received an Economic Impact Payment (EIP) debit card, but have yet to activate it.  Following reports from constituents that they threw away their debit cards, Brindisi led a call to action and the members sent a bipartisan letter to the IRS demanding they take action.

The IRS plans to send letters in early July advising these individuals to utilize their card, or obtain a free replacement if necessary. This announcement comes one week after Brindisi and Katko called on the IRS to take immediate action to address confusion surrounding the agency’s delivery of these payments.

In recent weeks, Brindisi and Katko have heard from local families and individuals who believed their EIP debit cards were not legitimate and mistakenly destroyed them. While the guidance provided today is welcomed, the lawmakers are urging additional clarification on how taxpayers can verify the legitimacy of these cards and urging an explanation as to why taxpayers received varying forms of payment.

“I am glad the IRS listened to our bipartisan call to reach out to folks who might have thrown their cards away and will replace these cards for free,” said Brindisi. “I heard from countless constituents who threw away their cards and this will get them the much-needed resources they are owed. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and I will always make noise when Upstaters aren’t getting what they deserve. If you’re still waiting on an economic impact payment, keep an eye on your mail. This time their correspondence should be clearly marked.”

“I’m glad the IRS will finally provide additional guidance  to individuals who received EIP Debit Cards but have yet to activate them,” said Katko. “While this is a step in the right direction, we still need further clarification from the IRS to resolve other issues with these payments. I will continue pushing the IRS to provide an explanation as to why taxpayers received varying forms of payment, and ensure taxpayers have the necessary information to verify the legitimacy of these cards.”

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