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From Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County:

Building confidence, competence, and character through a positive experience for youth is the key to the 4-H Public Presentation Program. Young people, ages 5-19, prepare, practice and present presentations on various topics to evaluators, family, club members and the community. Through face-to-face consultations with the youth, following their presentation, evaluators provide feedback on what the youth have mastered, and talk about areas of opportunity for growth with their next presentation.

Twelve youth, from across Broome County, presented their passions to evaluators, on February 29th. Even though public speaking is touted as the #1 fear of adults, these youths are tackling it head on. 4-H Alumni say the Public Presentation program with 4-H was one of the top programs which helped prepare them for college and jobs, and that the skills they learned in the program put them well ahead of their peers.

Our youngest members are only 5-7 years old and Gabriel Bess was able to present on Hermit Crabs. Other passions shared included, “How to Make Almond Milk,” by Lincoln Payton, “Colleges that have help for kids with ADHD,” by Jadynn Warner, “First Frontier Rodeo Circuit,” by Faith Payne, and “Colic in Horses,” by Leah Griffith.

Many youth participate in this program over several years, and master not only the basics of presenting to an audience or interviewer, but also learn ways to polish skills like poise, enthusiasm, tone of voice, and how to answer questions on the spot. Youth who presented this year include: Michael Gates, Darrison Bess, Gabriel Bess, Leah Griffith, Lincoln Martin, Faith Payne, Madalyn Barrows, Natalie Barrows, Payton Martin, Brenton Payne, Addison Feathers, and Jadynn Warner.

Four of the youth were selected to participate in the 2020 4-H District IV Public Presentation event being held on March 28th at Chenango Forks Elementary School. Payton Martin, Madalyn Barrows, Natalie Barrows, and Leah Griffith have been selected as the representatives for Broome County this year.

We would also like to publicly thank our volunteer evaluators! Without them the program would not be as successful and we would not be able to reach as many youths. Thank-you for sharing your time with us to help our youth grow through your compassion for working with them. Thank-you Al Vos, Katharine Kittredge, Juliet Jordan, Jasmine Jordan, Clyde Van Dyke, April Leonard, Sayem Hossain, and Drew Acoff.

Congratulations to all the youth on their accomplishments building the skills they will need to be contributing youth in their community as they grow through the 4-H Youth Development Program.

For more information on the 4-H Youth Development Program through Broome County Cooperative Extension, you may contact our office at 607-772-8953.

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