The United Way of Broome County is looking for ways to invite others to the table when it comes to improving our community.

The United Way and Community partners came together for a seminar on collective impact held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Binghamton.

Instructed by representatives from FSG, a non-profit consulting firm, collective impact involves out-of-the-box, inclusive thinking to bring partners together to solve large-scale issues.

Attendees discussed poverty, transportation and childcare and were brainstorming other topics that are related with the subjects.

Rather than simply meeting and going on about your day, collective impact requires follow-up meetings to keep the focus and mission of the organization at hand.

“The frustration that people typically have is they just talk and go back to their day jobs.The behavior doesn’t change and their mindset doesn’t change. The promise of collective impact is that people come together and define a way to work together in different ways. They see the problems in different ways because of the multiple perspectives that people have,” said FSG Managing Director Gregory Hills.

The seminar is a part of the United Way’s 2 phase plan on combating poverty in our area.

As part of a statewide anti-poverty initiative, the information will be used to help United Way organizers implement solutions to help people struggling in our community.