BINGHAMTON, NY – After 77 years, a fallen World War 2 solider from Binghamton has been identified.

Morris Swackhammer of the US Army died when he was just 20, while engaged in a heavy firefight with enemy troops in an area near Fraize, France.

Swackhammer was hit multiple times by a German machine gun.

His squad attempted to recover his body, but had to leave it due to the strength of the enemy attack.

After France was liberated, Swackhammer’s body was no longer there.

Sometime in 1945, the American Graves Registration Command recovered the unidentified body from a cemetery in Fraize, and the body could not be confirmed as Swackhammer.

In 2019, it was strongly believed the body belonged to Swackhammer but still unconfirmed, so the body was exhumed and transferred to Nebraska for analysis.

Through dental and anthropological analytics as well as mitochondrial DNA analysis, scientists were finally able to confirm Swackhammer’s identity in June of this year.

He will now be given a burial at the Arlington National Cemetery.

A rosette will be placed next to his name on the Wall of the Missing at the Epinal American Cemetery in Dinozé, France.