BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) UHS has developed a team to assist cancer patients on their journey to survivorship.

UHS offers a Cancer Nurse Navigator program that is a one-stop-shop for information related to a patient’s treatment process.

The registered nurses work directly with cancer patients from the moment they receive their diagnosis, and throughout their road to recovery. The navigators attend appointments with the patient, take notes for them, and act as the first point of contact to answer any questions.

An Oncology Nurse Navigator at UHS, Mary Mancini says that her role is to educate patients on the treatment process, and to handle the paperwork so the patient doesn’t have to.

“Most people, when you walk into a consult, with a new diagnosis of cancer, they’re still trying to get over that feeling of, I have cancer. How could I be here, how could I be going through this. So, they don’t always hear everything that’s being said,” said Mancini.

Mancini says she advocates for her patients to get the timeliest appointments available. She says especially since patients may have to travel to different facilities, having one single contact alleviates the burden.

A nurse navigator in the UHS Breast Center, Julie Mack says that each patient’s treatment plan is created to fit their needs.

“Every breast cancer is different. It’s not just a cookie cutter treatment plan. Based on all of the results that we get back from their biopsy is how we plan their care and their treatment. We follow national guidelines. And so, just being right on top of what’s the next step for this patient,” said Mack.

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Earlier this month, an hour-long television special showcased the development of cancer research over the last 15 years.

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