UHS offering Hospital Care at Home for COVID patients


BINGHAMTON, NY – UHS has launched a new program to monitor COVID patients in their own homes after discharge.

The Hospital Care at Home program allows doctors from U-H-S to connect with COVID patients, who also have another underlying condition, while they recover in their home.

One of the patients that was a part of the program is John Lodge, who tested positive for COVID in early January.

Lodge went to a walk-in clinic for a chest X-ray and E-K-G due to congestion he was having in conjunction with the virus.

The X-ray showed that Lodge actually had developed atrial fibrillation from COVID, and was admitted into Wilson Medical Center.

After 4 days at Wilson, Lodge was approached by doctors about the home care option, which Lodge accepted.

He was sent home with a blood pressure machine and a pulse oximeter, and met virtually with his doctor and nurse each day for 10 days.

Lodge says his experience with the program was terrific, and recommends anyone who has the opportunity to do it take advantage.

“I’ve been to the hospital before, and typically, when you get out, they call you the next day to see how you’re doing, and that’s it. With this, it gave you a sense of security. It took away a little bit of anxiety in the fact that you knew that you were going to be seeing a doctor for up to 7 to 10 days, or whatever it took. And if something came up, it would be addressed immediately.”

Lodge says that while it’s frustrating to now have a heart condition that didn’t exist prior to COVID, he is thankful that he has something that can be treated so he can continue to live his life.

He also added that he formed a bond with the doctor he was assigned to through the program, Doctor Frank Eder, and made him his new primary care physician.

As of last week, nearly 50 people had been admitted to the Hospital Care at Home program.

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