The field of golfers for this tournament is used to having one local participant. 

This year’s action however sees the Upstate New Yorker Action double. 

“The hoops they jump through to make this tournament viable. It’s a success story that deserves a really cool book,” said Sindelar.

If that book gets written, Joey Sindelar will have a prominent role in it.

The Horseheads native is playing in his 32nd tournament at En-Joie.

He won the BC Open twice – 1985 and 87.

He says his history with the course goes back well before that.

“We stood on this tee as very nervous freshman in high school at the sectional tournament. When there wasn’t any trees in sight and the course was entirely different and it started for us way way back then,” said Sindelar.

Another New York native is making his Champions Tour debut at the Dick’s Open this weekend. 

Dudley Hart was born in Rochester but grew up in Buffalo.

He played in three BC Opens and he said there is one thing he’s missed about Endicott more than anything.

“What I remember most and you’re going to laugh is the Spiedies. The Spiedies I was ready to get back and have another Spiedie,” said Hart.

Hart says he couldn’t have picked a better place to make his tour debut.

“New York’s a special place to me. Even though not this area but I grew up here. I moved back from Jupiter Florida. I’m probably the only person especially golfer to willing move from Jupiter Florida to Buffalo,” said Hart.

Hart says he is expecting a lot of friends and family to come down for the tournament.

Sindelar says that’s the best part of it and that nothing beats playing close to home

“A lot of these guys have tournament very near where they live. Some guys do well and others don’t and for some reason I have. I don’t know the formula but it’s been really really fun and it’s really really enjoyable to be on the inside of the ropes when your friends on the outside are enjoying what’s going on. It’s been just a really cool ride,” said Sindelar.

Sindelar and Hart would love nothing more then for their first Champions Tour wins to happen at En-Joie, but regardless of the outcome, it will be a memorable weekend for the New York duo.

Hart finished the day three over and Sindelar wrapped up at one under. 

Not the starts they were dreamed of but still plenty of golf left to be played.