Cavaliers J.R. Smith turned out to be the Warriors MVP in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

With the game tied at 107 and only about four seconds left on the clock, Cavs guard George Hill missed his second of two free throws.

Smith was there to make the rebound, but its what he did next that sent LeBron and co. into a fired up frenzy. 

Instead of taking a shot to potentially win the game, Smith dribbled out the clock as teammates screamed.

Time expired, the game went into overtime, and the Warriors went on to win 124-114.

Now, the internet is exploding with memes, and questions, for the Cavs veteran. Twitter especially, is showing no chill.

Here are some of the best:

A few people compared it to the likes of Carlton’s half court shot, or worse:

And then there’s all these treasures: 

The internet never disappoints.