BINGHAMTON, NY – For years a long-time NAACP member held a toy drive for families in need, this year the toy drive is continuing in her honor.

Majeedah Razzaq passed away in 2020 due to COVID complications, while in the process of planning that years toy drive.

The NAACP in conjunction with Greater Opportunities for Broome and Chenango Counties, Local Official, and other organizations decided to name it in honor or Majeedah.

Vice President of the NAACP, Lea Webb, has known Razzaq since she was a little kid, so being able to honor her in this way means a lot.

“She would ask everyone to give in no matter the amount be small or large. Everybody she felt had an opportunity and obligation to give and so I’m just honored that we’re able to keep her legacy going along with her family who is here with us today,” she says.

Webb says a generous donation was received from Razzaq’s children to fund the toy drive and keep it going.

Abdul is the son of Razzaq and he says his mother loved to be involved in things going on around the community, helping out whenever she could.

“Everything that she did as far as for the community she did, it was for love, it was genuine. She was a very genuine person and like this here I know she would love this. Right now she is probably looking at everybody smiling,” Razzaq said.

This year, toys were purchased for more than thirty families in the area.

Webb added that this toy drive is even more impactful as the pandemic continues to increase the number of families with young children displaced or homeless during the holiday season.