BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Tomorrow’s First Friday Art Walk features a artist who uses other people’s paintings as his paint.

Joel Carreiro is a collage artist and art educator who teaches at Hunter College in New York City. His show “A Tour of Possible Worlds” is opening at the Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts Gallery on State Street.

Carreiro has three different styles of collage on display, all utilizing images by well-known artists that he admires, such as Picasso and Matisse. In one version, he uses heat transfer to literally iron small images of artwork onto birch wood in a grid-like format reminiscent of a quilt. In others, he mashes up works between Picasso and other prominent artists. And in his so-called Picassoids, he layers one image from the famous cubist painter over another and uses hole punch holes to allow the background image through.

Carreiro says he enjoys the process of coaxing an image out of its prior identity and allowing it to assume a new one.

“I feel like we’re all in the same boat. Like scientists, we work out of what’s been done before, what’s being done now. We borrow and we tweak, and we join things together in slightly new ways and that’s what most innovation is about,” said Carreiro.

In the gallery’s Project Space is an exhibition by local sculptor Ronald Gonzalez called The Dreamer Awakes. It’s a series of what Gonzalez calls Bed Assemblages using metal, mixed media and found objects.