BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – It’s just a couple of days away from marijuana’s biggest day of the year and New York’s Office of Cannabis Management is rolling out an education campaign to keep people safe and healthy for the unofficial holiday.

April 20th, commonly known as 4/20, is a day to celebrate the culture of cannabis.

This will be the first 4/20 since New York legalized adult use sales in the state.

To prepare for the holiday, the state’s Office of Cannabis Management released the ‘Why Buy Legal Campaign,’ to educate the public on how to properly consume, store, and research weed.

Damien Cornwell is the CEO of Just Breathe, a licensed dispensary in Downtown Binghamton, and says that the campaign launched at the perfect time, as there has been an influx of new customers buying for the twentieth.

CEO of Just Breathe Damien Cornwell says, “Most people are really curious about cannabis in general. It’s such a new thing, creating a new industry. There’s all these questions, whether they be from people in the industry or people outside of it trying to buy inside the industry right?”

He says that with the vast amount of sticker shops and illicit cannabis stores, the ‘Buy Legal Campaign’ helps customers distinguish between what’s state tested and what isn’t.

The Director of Policy at the Office of Cannabis Management, John Kagia says that the OCM is excited for the first legal 4/20, but that safety still comes first.

Director of Policy at the New York State OCM, John Kagia says, “With great power comes great responsibility. Well, legalizing cannabis was meant to empower consumers in the state. But, coming with that, included in that is the responsibility to consume safely. So, we wish everyone a very happy 4/20, but we hope that the consumers around the state will consume safely and responsibly.”

Kagia says that buying legal bolsters the local economy.

From the farmers who grew the product, to those in the lab testing it, and the retail workers selling it, the money stays in local communities.

You can find out more on the campaign by visiting