TOWN OF CHENANGO, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The waving lady along Upper Front Street is getting into the Halloween spirit.

Pat Crossman, AKA the Waving Lady, is dressed as a witch Wednesday as she waves to passing motorists near the bridge over Castle Creek in the Town of Chenango.

For a number of years now, Crossman has been a fixture along the roadway, greeting drivers and passengers as they pass on by.

She tells NewsChannel 34 that she waves year-round and often dresses for the various holidays.

Crossman says she just wants to brighten people’s day.

“It makes my day too. It makes my Halloween or my Christmas or my Easter or whatever I do. I hope everybody enjoys it. I know some people get sick and tired of me. I know that but, well, I just come out, it gives me something to do and makes my day. I hope it makes somebody else’s day. God bless.”

Crossman says she has several other Halloween costumes that she plans to wear between now and the end of the month including other witch outfits, a nun’s habit and an old fashioned dress with a large petticoat.