UPDATE: The Johnson City Central School District has placed Daniel Erickson on administrative leave. During his suspension, he is not allowed on school grounds.

Broome County Sheriff Fred Akshar says Erickson showed up to the scheduled rendezvous with a box of condoms, chicken McNuggets and a McDonald’s “Grimace” shake. A statement by the school district is at the bottom of this post.

JOHNSON CITY, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) The principal of Johnson City Middle School spent more than a week attempting to lure a 16 year-old girl to have sex with him according to the Broome County Sheriff’s Office.

55 year-old Daniel Erickson of Greene was arrested on Friday when he showed up at a remote location where he had agreed to meet the victim for sex.

Instead, Broome County Sheriff’s detectives were there to arrest him.

According to investigators, Erickson began communicating with the Johnson City high school student over Snapchat.

Police say Erickson initially posed as a younger adult, but then later used his position as middle school principal and information from the district’s database to convince the girl of his true identity.

Investigators say the communication included statements about engaging in sex.

Erickson allegedly had made prior attempts to rendezvous with the student prior to his arrest.

Police say he went to her home but she refused to come out and meet him.

The Sheriff’s Office was alerted to the situation last Wednesday and helped to set up the meeting place where Erickson was arrested.

He is charged with Luring A Child and Attempted Rape.

Erickson is currently in the Broome County Jail without bail.

According to Sheriff Fred Akshar, the district and Superintendent Eric Race cooperated with and assisted the investigation throughout.

Akshar called out Erickson’s alleged abuse of trust in the following statement:

“As a father, I know this is a nightmare scenario for any parent. We entrust our schools with the care and safety of our children, and to have an individual violate that trust, abuse their power and prey on a very student charged in our schools’ care is beyond disgusting.”

Statement from Johnson City Central School District:

The Johnson City Central School District can now confirm the arrest and the filing of
charges against Mr. Daniel Erickson, Middle School Principal. The Broome County Sheriff’s
Department has arrested Mr. Erickson on charges of luring a minor, a Class E Felony and
attempted rape in the third degree, a Class A Misdemeanor. Mr. Erickson was immediately
placed on Administrative Leave until further notice. The District is fully cooperating with law
Pursuant to the terms of his suspension, Mr. Erickson is not allowed on District property
or permitted the use of any District equipment or devices. The evidence so far does not establish
that any offense occurred on District property, however, the case remains under active
investigation and the District will provide additional information as it becomes available. The
District is taking all necessary and appropriate steps to ensure the safety and security of students,
staff and the public.
On behalf of the Board of Education and the entire District, I extend our sincere thanks
and gratitude to the Sheriff, the detectives, the Captain, and the entire department for their
professionalism in addressing this matter.
In closing, our District and the Sheriff’s Office have worked in close cooperation and we
pledge that we will continue to do so as this investigation progresses.
Eric Race
Superintendent of Schools