BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Several businesses spent the day out of the office and getting dirty.

The United Way of Broome County held its Day of Action today.

Each year, the United Way chooses a day to gather volunteers from local businesses and put them to work helping out other organizations.

One of the many projects going on today was landscaping at the Roberson Museum.

Employees from M&T Bank spent the morning laying down mats, weeding, and putting down fresh mulch in the flower beds outside the main entrance, and in the courtyard.

Emily Muggeo is a Senior Sales Strategy Manger at M&T Bank and says her company gives each employee 40 hours of paid volunteer work, so she is making money and making a difference.

Muggeo says, “I think it’s just a cool way to take our jobs to the next level. We’re here, and in our day jobs we take care of customers all day long. We believe that we do better when our communities do better. That’s such a big part of what we do as a bank. So, I think this is just a way for us to show up in a different way.”

Muggeo says that organizations, such as Roberson, can submit a project that needs to get done to the United Way, and then the participating volunteers can choose which project suits them the best.

A second shift of M&T employees came to Roberson later in the afternoon and worked inside cleaning out and organizing closet space.