The United Way of Broome County held a get-together today at Chenango Valley State Park for business professionals to take a day and unwind.

United in the Park took place under the Pine Plains Pavilion.

The day was filled with wellness activities, team building, community conversations, food and fun.

Some of the activities throughout the day include yoga, a drum circle, wilderness outdoor adventure, scavenger hunt, board games, massages, and plenty more.

Executive Director of United Way of Broome County, LoriAnne Welch says that today was dedicated to relaxation.

Even with an agenda of activities, many people were excited just to reconnect and network with one another.

Executive Director of the United Way of Broome County, LoriAnne Welch says, “To just meet and talk and learn about things that they can do together. We just heard that over and over and over again. How important it was to reestablish the people. And we had a lot of people who had met many times in the virtual world but they’ve never met face to face. A couple of people said to me, the best part of the day was the real hugs.”

Raffle winners received gift baskets prepared by United Way.

There was over 180 people in attendance from businesses and organizations across the southern tier.