SIDNEY, NY – Closing in on Memorial Day, New York State Police Troop C, remembers those who lost their lives for their communities.

At the Troop C Headquarters off of Route 7, State Police held their annual memorial service. Due to COVID, it’s been two years since the last ceremony.

The event recognizes and honors the courage possessed by those who have died in the line of duty, and it’s a time for families and friends to remember their legacy.

Major Jeffrey VanAuken led this year’s ceremony. VanAuken says, as we approach Memorial Day, not to forget the sacrifices others have made so that we might enjoy the holiday.

Major Jeffrey VanAuken says, “The armed forces, and law enforcement. We both serve to protect the citizens of the United States whether it be over sees with the military or whether it be here in law enforcement and that’s very dear to my heart, I’m retired military myself so we have to keep doing this, this is a great thing to do, every year.”

Robin Evanitsky is the daughter of Captain Samuel Rowe who was killed in the line of duty on May 1st, 1970.

Robin and her sister Terry honored their father by laying the wreath during the ceremony. She says the New York State Police have never forgotten her family and her father’s legacy.

Daughter of Captain Samuel Rowe, Robin Evanitsky says, “I remember my dad, all of the time, but it’s the one day out of the year that I think that there really can be like just this beautiful embracing of other people who are remembering people that they treasured and they loved. And there is a spirit here, there is a feeling here that is a comfort.”

Pennsylvania State Troopers were present at the memorial to honor the lives lost. Following the ceremony, there was a barbecue luncheon for all those in attendance.